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You sell products from the manufacture I need, But I can't find the item i need?
Last Updated: 04/28/2011
We retail for over 240+ aftermarket automotive company's like K&N, Holley, Edelbrock, Crane Cams and have access to warehouses across the US, but due to the thousands of parts each individual company makes we can not list them all. A list of all of the companies we retail for can be found at our home page at the bottom right and any part you find on any other automotive retail website will will probably have access to too. If you know the part you are looking for you can contact us via e-mail or phone at:

Phone: 1-765-289-2816

Cole Allen:                  # ext. (223)
Garen Phillips:        # ext. (224)
Greg Phillips:            # ext. (212)

what you will need:

-Contact Information
-Part Number
website link for further information

Please let us know if this information was helpful, customer satisfaction is our top priority, if you have any further questions regarding the article please ask in the comment box.

Thank You,
   Garen Phillips

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