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Last Updated: 04/29/2011
Diamond P Industries was started in 2007, Diamond P Industries is 1 of 4 family owned business located in Muncie, Indiana. Diamond P created as a production outlet for the other family businesses when the recession hit our economy back in 2008, we had one focus in mind, to produce and distribute high quality, American Made non-ferrous Cast Products. Even though our main focus of Diamond P is after-market automotive having recently found our niche in high quality superchargers, we do not focus on one specific market, with the backing of over 60 years of foundry experience making castings for companies across the world in almost every industry from aerospace to marine, military, farming, industrial, construction and automotive we are capable of producing anything we feel will put us forward in today's market and are always look towards the future.
Phillips Patterns & Castings Inc. was founded in 1947 by Gerald Phillips, Jr. in Muncie, IN. Phillips Patterns & Castings Inc. today is a family owned and operated non-ferrous foundry but back in 1947 the business was nothing more than my Grandfather and his father making patterns for local foundries in his chicken coupe out back of his house/local day care. Since then it has grown into a fully functioning Non-ferrous foundry that produces parts for companies across the world and is capable of rapid prototyping and development, rapid pattern making, green sand, air-set, permanent, and die-cast molding, cleaning and finishing parts, vibratory or steel shot blast finishing, CNC machine of parts up to 4 axis and we plan on having our own powder coat line up and running by late 2011 early 2012.  
Eagle CNC Machining Inc. was established in 1989. It is a division of Phillips Patterns & Castings specializing in nothing but the machining of our parts and our customers parts. Over the years, Eagle CNC has grown into a full service CNC machining job shop. We have in our arsenal of professionals, over 130 years of industry experience in multiple fields of expert machining. As of the beginning of 2011 Eagle CNC has now been merged with Phillips Patterns and casting.

21st Century Die Casting LLC. was established in 1998. It is a division of Phillips Patterns & Castings to produce mass quantities of parts rapidly for our various customer by utilizes two 600 TON HPM die cast machines and one 700 TON Prince die cast machine.

Written by,
Garen Phillips

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