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About our superchargers
Last Updated: 04/29/2011
All of our DiamondP superchargers are design in direct correlation with Deans Blowers, a company that specializes in blower, and like all of our products this one was designed to surpass any other plate on the market in quality and strength to insure our customer a 100% satisfaction. All aluminum components are manufactured to completion right here in our foundry and are 100% American made. Every component goes through our Rapid Prototype Process and is thoroughly tested before it is ever released for distribution.  They are cast out of A356.2-T6 aluminum alloy with a two phase T6 heat treat which results in a 30% strength increase from the base casting, CNC(computer numerical control) machined to exact tolerances and CMM(Coordinate-Measuring Machine) checked for any imperfection, if they don't pass, they are scraped and recycled through our furnaces.

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