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About our company
Diamond P Industries was started in 2007, Diamond P Industries is 1 of 4 family owned business located in Muncie, Indiana. Diamond P created as a production outlet for the other family businesses when
About our superchargers
All of our DiamondP superchargers are design in direct correlation with Deans Blowers, a company that specializes in blower, and like all of our products this one was designed to surpass any other pl
Do your inserts fit all your shifters?
Yes, all of our shifters are designed to have a custom threading of 1.499" to fit our inserts that come in various sizes, we also can work with you if you contact us about a custom threading you need
Have Questions? Leave them here...
We want to know what our customers are thinking and help them in any way we can. If you would like to know anything about our company parts or procedures please leave us a comment bellow of the articl
How the printer works.
Our 3D printer builds functional 3D models starting from the bottom one layer at a time, each layer is only 0.01 of an inch thick. It prints a tough, durable ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) pla
Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Process
Our method of producing patterns for mass production today would be science fiction to a pattern maker only ten years ago. Conventional pattern making methods take a lot of time, money and very skill
Supercharger Efficiency
Types of Superchargers and their Efficiency There are three main types of superchargers in today's automotive market, Root style, Lysholm twin screw and centrifugal, each one suited for a different a
You sell products from the manufacture I need, But I can't find the item i need?
We retail for over 240+ aftermarket automotive company's like K&N, Holley, Edelbrock, Crane Cams and have access to warehouses across the US, but due to the thousands of parts each individual company